Sunday, December 8, 2013

Simply Sunday #12

Happy Sunday!

I've got just a short list this week.  More is not always more. 

(1) Simple Date Night.  Our kids had a sleepover this weekend, so my husband and I had a date night.  We had had plans to go to a particular restaurant we'd wanted to try.  But when we dropped our kids off, we visited for a long time with the hosting parents and started our date late.  The restaurant was fairly far away.  It is family owned, and we've been unsuccessful in the past because they aren't open as many hours and don't keep as predictable a schedule as an Olive Garden or Taco Bell.  At that point in the evening, we weren't sure if we could get there before they'd close.  So we went with the flow and just got a burger on the way home from the sleepover home.  It was delicious!  We don't eat a lot of meat, rarely eat beef or fried foods. So it was a real treat.  Not fancy or anything.  But yummy.

(2) Wisdom.  I have always loved learning from life experiences--mine and those of other folks.  Now that I'm in my 40s, I feel like I've learned so much.  Though there is still so much more to learn, I'm so much wiser than I was earlier in my journey.  I enjoy sharing the insights I've learned with folks who are receptive.  And I love to hear the insights of folks who've lived a different lifestyle or who've lived a similar one but began their journey earlier than me.  Along those lines, this morning, I came across a blog post that I found very helpful:  It is by a woman who is a former missionary turned rural homesteader.  I am very drawn to both the lives of missionaries and homesteaders, though my husband rightfully laughs a bit at both interests because I'm not very hearty and I'm terribly squeamish about critters.  At this point in my life, I'd never be able to live without certain modern urban comforts.  Nonetheless, this particular homesteading blog post was really insightful to me.  Though the writer lives such a different lifestyle from me, her words of wisdom are actually pretty transferrable to other ways of life.  Much of what she advised are things I needed to hear about my life in the 'burbs as I maintain a home and educate my kids.  We all get socialized to constant busyness and beat ourselves up if we aren't achieving everything on our to-do list.  That is not healthy.  That is not helpful.  So, even if you aren't a homesteader, take a read of this blog post.  It may speak to you even if you don't know a thing about growing your own food!

Make it a great day!

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